"I attended the program with the notion that I would likely be re-introduced to information that I had already known and learned in similar workshops. I have never been so happy to be so wrong! Living Life on Your Own Terms truly takes personal growth and development to levels I have never experienced. It was a life changer for me! Specifically, using the techniques learned in these sessions, I was able to discover my passion, transform fears, and create a life plan that now guides my thought process in ways that ensure I am always living in my passion. Moreover, I am now applying what I have learned to monetize my passion and talents! 

I cannot thank Irina and Cliff enough for the positive impact their workshops continue to have on my life! I highly recommend you attend if you find yourself searching for your path and want to begin Living Life on Your Own Term!”  
~ Bernice Lopez, AVP Business Development, President of Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce

"People already intuitively know what their highest purpose in life should be. However, they don’t have resources, tools, and confidence to implement their passions and higher purpose. One of the things I learned from this course is self-confidence and believing in myself. This course helped me discover what I am designed for, what I am capable of, and what my passions are. It also provides a sense of community and support. 
I learned not only from Irina and Cliff but also from everybody in this program. All participants are drawn to each another because we have similar passions and inspirations. We network and share our knowledge. Everybody brings something valuable to the table. This program has been a tremendous impact on my life. As far as I can see, 2018 will be a phenomenal year for me, not only professionally, but also romantically, self-development, and feeling more confident about myself. After participating in this course, I now truly have faith that I can live my life on my own terms!” 
~ Jaimie Diaz, Financial Services Specialist 

“I was introduced to Irina by my friend who told me I had to attend this program. I was hesitant to put out the time, but I listened to the instant that I have and I knew I had to be here. I have to say that the value I got from this class has blowing my mind. I reached a point of my life where I was trying to figure out how I want to share my gifts with the world. The clarity that I have received after attending this course is just spot on. it’s has been a combination of material and presentations styles. Irina and Cliff have different ways of sharing the points of the program and make a great team communicating the valuable information to us. 
The content and the exercises that helped me discover my passions, talents, and skills gave me such insight and helped me understand what I am here to do and how I can share my gifts with the world. 
The name of the program is “Living Life on Your Own Terms” and it’s truly all about that. Without all that clarity and insight about who you are, there is no way you can go out and put it forward in the world. This class has been an amazing experience. I am grateful to Cliff and Irina for putting it together. Anybody would benefit from attending this program.“ 
~ Lorraine Livolsi Smith, Human Relations Specialist

“I gaining clarity thru the tulles and homework they provided, coming to their live lectures and hearing their experience thru the trial and error is really beneficial for the young person like myself who doesn’t want to to go thru as much trial and error. I’d rather just hear and learn from other people and make a right move, a better move, so I can go thru different trials, and learn different lessons. They both provided a wealth of experience and this program has just been phenomenal. 
Both Irna and Cliff are fountains of resource that are just very gracious are helping. and I know, I will always come back to them as I develop my own business. I am a holistic health professional starting my own business and this program provided so much for me to build off. I recommend this program to anybody who is not only looking to create their own business, or grow spiritually or grow as a human being, or just learn about the world we live in. You hear from different people with different perspectives, this is simply awesome. I’d recommend this to anybody who wants to improve their lives and live life on their own terms.“ 
~ Christopher Rölke, Ayurvedic practitioner

“This program is life changing! You will learn so much about yourself. You will dig down deep to find your passion. And you will start living in your passions and gifts. The last workshop was absolutely amazing! They had us do the exercise when we look at our lives from the new a 100-year-old and it really opens you up on how much you have done in your life and how much more you need to do. It gives you focus and clarity and reminds you that we all have gifts and we need to share them with others. I highly recommend to take this program, it will help you will learn and grow yourself and your business. “ 
~ Terese Messina Rölke, Financial Planner

“I enjoyed this so much. It was eye-opening. I realized so much about myself through the weeks. I know what I am passionate about and I learned all about fears. This was most valuable. I have decided to JUMP and face my fears. I am handing in my notice and following my two passions: massage therapy and Real Estate. This program was the best decision. So grateful to have spent my Saturdays with you all. I would highly recommend this program. It not only helped me in work decisions but also helped me in my personal relationships.” 
~ Antonietta Carbone, Real Estate Agent 

“I decided to take this class because I wanted to get clarity on what I want to create in 2018. The insight and clarity I gained around my passions, talents, and skills went way beyond my wildest expectations.
Irina’s insight and knowledge around the building and living a life in alignment with your passions coupled with Cliff’s experience and wealth of knowledge make them a great team. On top of that, they create a comfortable learning environment where the students work together and support each other which helps us grow and learn even more.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow and flourish in their business and personal life.” 
~ Lorraine Smith, Human Relations Specialist  

"I am an attorney and I was invited to this program by Irina I am a lower and I am skeptical, but I have to tell you, this is good! This program made me think about a lot of things and I am trying to follow through.” 
~ Paul Appel, Attorney 

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