• Would you like to know what motivates and drives you?
  • Do you want to know about primary human needs and what it takes to satisfy them?

When you understand what motivates you and other people to take actions, you can take steps to fulfill their needs and design your services and products that exactly match their expectations. 

When your own basic needs are fulfilled, you have a feeling of satisfaction and you naturally want to share your talents with others.

Fundamentally, conscious business means serving others in a way that benefits both, the service provider (business owner) and the recipient (client). If you don’t have clarity about what your needs are and if you are out of touch with your passion (your fuel), marketing becomes a struggle because you must follow somebody else’s instructions instead of taking actions based on your inner knowledge.

When you run your business without a passion, you must rely on your Willpower. Considering the fact that only 30% of pollution have a Will Power Center defined (based on the Human Design statistics), 70% of us are unable to motivate ourselves. That's why we hire business coaches and mentors, so they motivate and inspire us. When we feel inspired, we take actions.

Because your willpower is variable, you must rely on your passion to fuel your action. That's because your willpower wasn’t meant to operate 24/7. 

People want to be inspired by a spark of your passionate energy! That’s the reason they come to see YOU and that’s why they want to spend their money on your services. They want what you have… and what they want is your AUTHENTIC YOU!

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