In this module, you will learn tools to neutralize subconscious fears
 that sabotage your success in business and personal life.

Fear is a devastating emotion caused by the perception that someone or something creates a threat to your survival, threatens your security or safety, or causes pain.

Fear is felt as a sense of dread, telling you about the possibility that your physical self might be harmed, which in turn signals your body to protect itself. An automatic "fight or flight" is our body’s response to the fear that has an extremely damaging impact. The long-term effect of fear manifests itself in various forms and may cause chronic physical or/and mental illnesses. 

The good news is that most human fears that exist in the modern world are not real. They are associated with events occurred in the past as a result of unprocessed emotional traumas. Even though your body may interpret them as ‘REAL’ threats, they are often unproductive and disempowering. 

These fears are subconscious beliefs that may stop you from creating financial abundance, speaking in public, having meaningful relationships, or attracting best clients in your business. These types of fears need to be released so you can disassociate with them and move forward.

After completing assignments in this module, you will be able to release the negative energy of fear that holds you back and sabotages your best intentions. You will become free of the past traumas that stop you from living your dreams and sharing your gifts with others.

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